Threat Assessment Program (TAP)

the threat you can't ignore

Pipelines and power lines are often found in the same right-of-way (ROW) across the country. An unintended consequence of this common ROW is the electromagnetic field (EMF) of power lines trespassing onto the pipeline, which creates alternating current (AC) interference. EMF presence can result in induced AC, AC corrosion, or both.

Have you assessed the risk of your pipeline for AC interference? With our economical Threat Assessment Program (TAP), we’ve got you covered.

VpCI ®

solutions utilizing vapor corrosion inhibitors

MESA ™ and CORTEC Corporation have teamed to provide our customers with many additional solutions to their corrosion control problems and concerns. CORTEC Corporation is the world’s leading manufacturer and distributor of vapor corrosion inhibitor (VpCI ®) products and technologies. Together MESA ™ and CORTEC are using VpCI ® chemistry to solve corrosion problems that are not applicable for cathodic protection. CORTEC has manufactured vapor corrosion inhibitors for over 30-years and offers over 450 products.

VpCI ® products are used worldwide every day in a wide variety of applications and all products are very environmentally friendly.


pipline integrity software solution

Pipeline integrity field data acquisition represents a significant investment to pipeline operators, and managing the data generated through a pipeline integrity program is an equally significant challenge. Most of the available data management tools have limitations in alignment, integration, and analysis of multiple data streams.

N-LINE is designed to reduce data management problems and streamline the data integration process while ensuring the integrity of the information.

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