SAFETY Programs

MESA’s SAFETY program is ongoing and continuous. Each day, MESA employs a Job SAFETY Analysis program and conducts Tailgate SAFETY meetings.Each month, MESA distributes a SAFETY newsletter, SAFETY comprehension tools, and organizes team SAFETY meetings.Each year, MESA offers SAFETY-focused stand-downs.

Every new MESA employee participates in a new employee safety orientation.New employees are provided with adequate training and tools to SAFELY complete their assigned tasks, as well all emergency procedures and protocols.All MESA employees are provided first aid and CPR training on an ongoing basis.All crew foreman are trained and certified in first aid and CPR.

Anti-Drug Program

MESA is committed to a tobacco-free and drug-free work environment.Tobacco use is strictly prohibited at all MESA facilities and on all MESA property.Drug and alcohol use is also strictly prohibited at all MESA facilities, on all MESA job sites, and on all MESA property.MESA screens all prospective and new employees for drug use and conducts regular, random drug testing.MESA’s drug testing is DOT-compliant and conforms to all applicable rules and regulations.If you have any questions about MESA’s Anti-Drug Program, please contact us at 918-627-3188.