Construction & Installation

MESA has over 35 years of experience in construction to undertake even the most challenging installation projects. From impressed current groundbeds in any configuration to sacrificial anode systems, MESA has completed major turnkey projects for pipeline systems, production well casings, power plants, and distribution systems. We have a complete, modern fleet of trucks, excavators, and drilling equipment capable of meeting the challenge of any CP project.

The operations teams at MESA keep abreast of current technology developments, DOT procedural updates, and SAFETY protocols. Our construction experience includes projects covering a wide range of applications such as pipeline systems, power plants, production well casings, distribution systems, tanks, and refineries. Installation services include impressed current systems, sacrificial anode systems, test stations, remote monitoring systems, etc. Our experience and expertise, coupled with a modern fleet of installation equipment, ensures that each project is resourced effectively. From complete CP system installation to repairs or relocations, our installation technicians can handle any size project SAFELY and efficiently. Call us today to see how we can find a solution to fit your needs!