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Loresco DW-121 Contact Backfill



Loresco DW-1® may be poured freely into dry applications. Tamping is not required. When it is applied by pumping, the recommended method is to pump from the bottom of the bored hole upward. After the application pipe (a one-inch steelpipe) is lowered down to the bottom of the bored hole, it is coupled to a 20 GPM pump with a minimum capacity of 250 psi. Normally, the application pipe does not have to be raised during pumping procedures.

Horizontal Installation Procedure:

Have a reasonably clean ditch (design usually calls for a ditch one foot wide).
Pour Loresco DW-1® in a continuous layer six inches deep (or as specified).
Place anodes on top of DW-1®.
Pour DW-1® in a continuous layer six inches deep until anodes are covered by a six inch backfill cover (or as specified).
Fill the remainder of the ditch as specified.
Vertical Installation Procedure

Have a reasonably clean hole (depth depending on soil resistivity).
Place one foot of DW-1® in bottom of hole.
Lower and center anode in proper position.
Pour DW-1® over anode until design level is reached.
Fill remainder of hole as design specifies.

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